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About Henry Haus

Welcome to The Henry Haus! We are a husband-and-wife-owned design studio built on the ideas and knowledge we have gained over the years in the design industry. We have three beautiful children and love living on the Emerald Coast.

We are a passionate fmaily

Our Story

We had the idea for a design studio in 2018 with no real set plans or direction. We knew we wanted to create a space where anyone – whether it be walk-in customers, current clients, or designers, builders and industry partners – could find and coordinate their space and visualize in one place how various finishes would come together. And since nothing we do is simple or average, we wanted to create something beyond your typical design center – we wanted an experience.

Brett has been running the construction company since 2013 and opened a small vacation rental company in 2019. While we had the concept in mind, we decided to start with copper lighting, something we felt was lacking a local presence. We brought in the beautiful copper lanterns and lighting created by Brett’s Aunt’s factory in South Carolina. Just as we neared completion of our showroom, the Covid pandemic hit and fear sunk in – How could we open a store with all of the uncertainties? What if everything collapsed and there was no business to be had?… to our surprise, it was quite the opposite and the construction company and boutique vacation rental company exploded. We became the busiest we had ever been with little time to focus on our dream of opening.

With construction booming, we decided to acquire cabinet lines for our projects as an in-house option and I used quarantine as a time to self-teach design drawing programs. With every new project we took on, our goal for opening grew. As I ran place to place gathering samples for each client, I knew our idea of creating a one-stop design studio was a needed option for myself, my clients, and others in the industry.

Fast forward through the last few years and we are thrilled to be watching our dreams become reality as we offer a unique space for creativity to flourish – we are here and beyond excited to welcome you to our haus, The Henry Haus.


“We were thrilled working alongside Trisha to update our kitchen. We gave her a list of what we hoped for and she turned that into our reality. Thank you, Trisha, for your attent to detail and for capturing what we were looking for”
30A Haus Client


“Trisha and Brett took our investment purchase and turned it into something beyond what we imagined. They gave us ideas which we incorporated and were careful to keep us on a budget that made sense for our home and the area and kept equity in the house. We truly felt they had our best interest in mind.”
– Destin Haus Client


“Trisha was wonderful to work with! We loved her ideas and how she took charge to handle even the small, unexpected things. We did not feel pressured or obligated and felt like she really listened to our thoughts. We could not be more impressed with the end product!”
– Sandestin Haus Client